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Tenant FAQ

Updated on 29 July 2022

Why do I have to pay the document fee?

Our legal team is working hard on confirming the document that you have provided us, and preparing all the paperwork for you to sign. This fee is needed to support their work.
A document fee is not applied to returning or current tenants.

Why submit the Application before viewing?

Our landlords have their preference for ideal tenants, if the applicants don't meet the requirements, we will simply let them know and provide them with other housing options (if available).
It will save both of our time if we get to know you first.

Early Rental Termination

Termination is not accepted, based on the Residential Tenancy Act of BC.

More info can be found at RTB-Ending a Tenancy


In general, we do not accept subleases unconditionally. Although, we may be able to consider it due to special circumstances.

Why do I have to open a Fortis BC account even though I do not use gas?

Fortis BC account is mandatory for units that have gas.

Using gas for heating saves a lot of money than electric ones.

Though if you do decide not to use gas, you still have to register an account and pay about $10/mo for maintenance. 

Move in & Move out

Based on the RTA, the move-in time is at noon (12:00 PM) on the starting date of the agreement. Though, we can try our best to give tenants early access if possible.
The move-out time is 2:00 PM on the ending date of the agreement.

Why do I need Tenant Insurance?

Tenants are responsible for any kind of damage caused by misuse, which mostly will be covered by tenant insurance.
Potential vandalism, theft, or malicious mischief are covered by tenant insurance as well.

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