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Utility Accounts Overview

There is no answer to questions like "how much is ... bill?"

Utility bill varies in different property conditions, the number of habitants, weather, etc...

We are happy to share the past bills as a reference.

Electricity - BC Hydro

Make sure you have the address or past tenant's reference number ready when you are registering a BC Hydro account.
Your electric bill comes bi-monthly, don't forget to pay it on time!

Gas - Fortis BC

Some of our properties use gas for stoves and heating, it saves money compared to electric ones.
Your gas bill comes in monthly, and it usually goes up in the winter due to heating usage.

Water & Garbage - Utility Bills

The utility bill (water and garbage) comes quarterly, 
It will send by the city directly.


The two commonly used internet companies are Telus and Shaw.

More details can be found on their website.

Utility: Rental Listings
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