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Keys To The New Place

Your exclusive local service team

We seek the best solution in all dynamics with profound knowledge of the local market.

You can trust our resourceful team with:​

- House rental as a tenant or a landlord;

- Long-term house management or short-term project supervision;

- Contractual service or temporary service;

We pride ourselves on our customer service and will work diligently to exceed your expectation!

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Looking for a tenant but worrying about their credibility?

Let us help!

Want to do a short-term rental like Airbnb but also want to save yourself some hassle?

Let us help!

Want to fix a leaking pipe, a blocked toilet; 
change a doorbell or a lock but don't know how or whom you should find?

Let us help!

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Why Us?

Our responsibility

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Our strength lies in integrated management, unified arrangements, and resource integration.

  • Find customers for you through our channels;

  • Collect monthly rent for you;

  • Establish fair and reasonable rent rules and clarify the responsibilities of both tenants and landlords;

  • Help the landlord when the tenant violates the rules;

  • Arrange the necessary cleaning services;

  • Arrange lawn trimming for your house;

  • Regularly check the status of the house and arrange maintenance and repair inside and outside the house;

  • Handling emergency repair work in the house;

  • Paying water and electricity bills;

  • Accept the eviction process after the tenant defaults;

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Get To Know Us

Your Local Property Consultant

Pay a reasonable fee and enjoy a relaxing morning every day

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Sunny Estate
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Contract Paper Signing

Contract/Agreement review and consultative

Committed to Excellence

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