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Tenant Request Checklist (released 2022-05-01)

Hi There

Thank you for being interested in our property, please follow the checklist to prepare a document for us:

Email the applications to

Put the house address into the title of the email.

Cover letter for tenants (see: "application form" down below)

---about yourself/family members, tell us why you are looking for a new place, your job etc.)

---Job reference letter / Student ID (for reference check).

---Previous landlord reference letter (for reference check).

---Credit Score file

---No Criminal record file

---Please provide an email address and cell phone number.

Once you passed the reference check, please :

1. Sign the rental agreement with us (we will prepare the document in 3-5 business days).

2. Sign the rental agreement.

3. Send the deposit base on the rental agreement to us. (usually 50% of monthly rent fee)

4. Prepare the first-month rent and make the payment before the move-in date.

5. Enjoy your new home!

6. Don’t forget to pay the next rent on time :P


We usually will walk through the unit in the first 3 months after move-in.

All houses are NOT allowed to smoke and party.

The deposit will not refundable until you finished the lease.

Monthly payment will accept Cheque/E-transfer(by email). We do NOT take E-transfer by phone number.

If you use E-transfer to pay the rent, we may ask you to pay the rent 2-3 days in advance due to our busy collection transaction.

(After clicking the download button, a fillable pdf page will be opened.)

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